Sunday, January 25, 2009


FIFTH Freedom natural history adVenturing (FFnha)

This Digital Jaywalker ... Neuroscape Navigators' Guide
became the 200th posting since Pathfinder Passports began.

Crafting No Child Left Inside ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation "Eco-Challenges"
Empower consequential learning for "Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones" (WIZ)

Our 2009 Podstock Festival Trails-n-Tails" (TnT) theme:

[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for "EarthSea-Keeping" group activities

[B] Builds on FutureThought Leadership experiences with blended "Visual Learning" hyperportals

[C] Creates sharable community stewardship stories
about "geoWIZard" MentorshipART ... Rev: 25-Jan-2008

Att-1: NAIS-2006 Education Futures Flat World HotTopics PPT
Att-2: Minnesota Futurist Steve Troutman's Virtual Team PPT Slides
Att-3: WorldFutures 2007-07 The Future of Teams Panel PPT Slides

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