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Thomas King :: The Truth About Stories
ISBN: 0-8166-4626-0

Indigenous Americas Series ::

Series editors:
Robert Warrior and Jace Weaver

This series features innovative scholarship from the many disciplines that make up contemporary Native American studies. The series editors recognize the significant contribution of Native work to established academic fields, and aim to create a new benchmark of excellence for Native American studies, pushing its boundaries while drawing on its strengths.

Books in the series:

Daniel Heath Justice
Our Fire Survives the Storm
A Cherokee Literary History- 2006

Robert Warrior
The People and the Word
Reading Native Nonfiction- 2005

Robert A. Williams, Jr.
Like a Loaded Weapon
The Rehnquist Court, Indian Rights,
and the Legal History of Racism in America - 2005

Thomas King
University of Guelph English Professor
CBC Radio Massey Award Lectures -2003
The Truth About Stories :: A Native Narrative - 2005
Won Canada's Trillium Award in 2003 Posted by Picasa
CBC Radio Ideas M
Each year, CBC Radio invites one of the world's leading thinkers
to deliver fivehour-long Massey Lectures ... - Cached

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Kaw Valley Port of Shawnee
OCTA_Trails & Tales "Eco-History"

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CSUN/ History 417
California History & Geography
Part B: Gold Rush to Pre-Progressive California

Organizing Question:
(Outlining an anwer will help you prepare for the essay question)

From the era of American takeover to the 1890s, years of pre-progressive reform, do you find Americans particularly greedy or particularly concerned about justice and the legal adjudication of grievances?

Is the "rule of greed" or the "rule of law" most important?

In other words, do you find more conflict or cooperation among groups brought together in the Gold Rush? Do you find examples of both?

Do you find changes over time?

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Experience California National Parks

Getting to Death Valley

The park is transected from east to west by California Highway 190. On the east in Nevada, Highway 95 parallels the park from north to south with connecting highways at Scotty's Junction (State Route 267), Beatty (State Rt. 374), and Lathrop Wells (State Rt. 373).

South of the park, Interstate 15 passes through Baker, California on its way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. State Rt. 127 travels north from Baker to Shoshone (State Rt.178) and Death Valley Junction (Highway 190).

West of the park, State Rt. 178 passes through Ridgecrest and Trona on its way north to a junction with 190. Also to the west, Highway 395 parallels the park from north to south with connections to Highway 190 at Olancha and Lone Pine.

Nearest airport: Las Vegas (120 miles).

For More Information
Write to Death Valley National Park,
P.O. Box 579, Death Valley, CA 92328-0579;
Telephone (760) 786-2331; Fax (760) 786-3283;
Web site: by Picasa

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California Gateways to Pacific Coast

Death Valley's Sights to See

TOPO! GPS Data Format
Deg NAD27 ElevFeet
WILDROSEPK,36.27583,-117.07806,9064,WILDROSE PEAK


Death Valley National Park

Hottest - Driest - Lowest:
Death Valley is a land of extremes.

It is one of the hottest places on the surface of the Earth with summer temperatures averaging well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It encompasses the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 282 feet below the level of the sea, and it is the driest place in North America with an average rainfall of only 1.96 inches a year.

Death Valley is a treasure trove
of scientific information about the ancient Earth and about
forces still working to shape our modern world.

It is home to plants, animals, and human beings that have adapted themselves to take advantage of its rare and hard won bounty. Death Valley is a land of extremes, and much more. Posted by Picasa

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Five Tips for Fabulous Photos

Please click logo for more about following:

Show people doing something
Photos are always more engaging with people in them. Photograph people when they’re in action and frame them off-center to add even more visual interest.

Wait for dramatic lighting
The right lighting can turn even the most expected scene into an exceptional one.

Look for unusual viewpoints
Take time, Walk around. Look up. Look down. Find a perspective no one else has, and make your picture extra special.

Include foreground elements to add depth to scenic photos
Foreground elements add context and perspective, drawing the viewer in to create a feeling of really being there.

Fill in with flash
If your subjects are standing in a shadow and the scenery behind them is in sunlight, turn on the flash to balance out the scene. This also reduces harsh shadows on their faces. Posted by Picasa

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