Saturday, September 03, 2005


GeoTourism Eco-Futures "thinkLet"

See FutureThought Leadership Prairie Passage "thinkLet"
about FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE (ISBN: 1-59184-089-9)
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EarthVision Empowers Shared SoP

EarthVision enables KUCE Discussion Forums Sense of Place (SoP) ...
EarthVision's multitude of visualization tools, including integrated seismic
... EarthVision integrates interactive 3D well positioning tools with geologic ...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum ::
Avoiding Common Decision Traps

Eco-Futurist MentorshipART Decision-Support Framework
for "Avoiding Common Decision Traps" GroupThink BioERRORS ...
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NCEDR - National Conference on Environmental Decision Making ...
... critical areas needing structure, process, and tools.
Avoiding common "decision traps" including
GroupThink, Jumping to Solutions, Overconfidence, etc. ... 1999_review/abstracts/mon_130_1.htm

... "Designing the Best Approach
for Effective Environmental Decision Making" Mark Velicer,
Management Systems & Decision Solutions, CH2M Hill, Bellevue, WA

For a variety of decision making situations, choosing the best combination of facilitation, process, and analytical tools helps to achieve a successful outcome. This paper will draw from the training resource materials and client projects conducted by the Decision Solutions group in CH2M Hill's Environmental Business Line.

Examples are drawn from hazardous waste, water resources, air quality, solid waste management, and transportation projects. It will help participants improve their skills and recognition of how to increase their decision facilitation and analytical skills

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