Monday, March 16, 2009


Podstock-PlanetU InterDependence

MobileMe is the online service from Apple that automatically keeps your email, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, and more in sync across multiple computers, your iPhone, iPod touch, and a suite of web apps on
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Forty years after executing my FOCCPAC-Kunia permanent change of station (PCS) orders from USS Cimarron in San Diego (via Washington Navy Yard), I’m helping INFLUENCE adoption of “Reusable Learning Objects” via Kan-Ed Network’s empowered (ALL-WinWin Education Futures) Web 2.0 hyperportals …

Early 1969 experiences as an extra during filming “Tora! Tora! Tora!” at Pearl Harbor inspired my seeking ROOT causes of GlobalBrain inter-regional warfare!

My persistent Kanzana research found that cartographer Josiah Gregg’s 1844 Map of the Indian Territory catalyzed “Manifest Destiny” mindshifting (aka “extractive economics” myths) that still drive and influence non-sustainable (anti-ethical) public policy via flawed Group Decision Support System (GDSS) frameworks!

Digitized Kansas Map Collection
Title: A map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas and New Mexico showing the Great Western Prairies Content Date: 1844. Author: Gregg, Josiah - Cached More results from »

MentorshipART mapXchange(cc) / LostLegends
Spellbinding Stories Empowering ALL-WinWin ... Education Futures ... Section 3: Group Dynamics. January 14, 2009: Group Dynamics by Petty and Caccioppo
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