Friday, August 21, 2009


OCTA-Trails GeoVenturing-LNTreks

During our 2009 Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) Conference in Loveland, CO (Kanza Territory), we experienced the world premiere of a unique "learn and share" wagon train documentary about western migration via today's Wyoming into Oregon.
This reenactment movie captures the guiding spirit of "Place-Based consequential learning eco-challenge" heritage tourism experiences:

Crafting NCLI ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation "Eco-Challenges"
Empower consequential learning for "Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones" (WIZ)
Our "Trails-n-Tails" (TnT) theme:
[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for "EarthSea-Keeping" group activities
[B] Builds on FutureThought Leadership experiences with blended "Visual Learning" hyperportals
[C] Creates sharable community stewardship stories about "geoWIZard" MentorshipART ...
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