Thursday, September 15, 2005


California Road Eco-History Highpoints

Explore NW Johnson County Kansas Byways via
"California Road" Eco-History Highpoints along the K-7 Corridor ...
EcoTrekUSA-i4C mapXchange
Discover "Prairie Passage in Kansas" Foodscapes & Viewscapes
... Ag-Heritage, Biking, Birding, Fishing, Hiking & River Keeping ...

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[] KanGIS geotechnologies in education: In addition to funding the Roper Poll, National Geographic has invested more than$100 million to improve geographic knowledge in and out of the classroom.

Activities include the National Geographic Bee, a nationwide contest inwhich nearly 5 million fourth- through eighth-graders participate each year.

Through the National Geographic Education Foundation, teachers can tap into a grassroots network of state-based geographic alliances, onlinere sources, grant programs that encourage teachers to develop new and innovative teaching methods, and public-awareness campaigns for geography.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Introduction :: View Riverkeeper Charts ...
If you've ever had the pleasure of driving around a new place with a native who knows it well and loves it, you already know the kind of guidebook we have attempted to present here.

We want you to be able to take this book on day trips and feel as though you have a tour guide sitting beside you, pointing out sites where events big and small have occurred, regaling you with stories, and explaining the unfamiliar features of the landscape.

We hope that you will deepen your understanding of the land and its inhabitants. Mostly, we hope that you will learn to see the Kansas River Valley
with new eyes, to appreciate its beauty and heritage,
and to cherish this place we call home
EcoTrekUSA-i4C mapXchange

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