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"thinkLet" about Jerry Engler's
Foray into fiction feels like home!

Engler's stories are often humorous and sometimes poignant. A few are what he calls "gushy-gushy" sentimental. But almost all have some kind of twist at the end.

"Sometimes I have a twist in mind when I (sit down to write)," he said. "But sometimes, like with Harlan Medlam, the characters surprise me, too, and all of sudden I'm saying, 'So that's what he's going to do in the end.'

"That's why I say, in the best moments I sometimes feel like (the story) comes from outside of me."

Occasionally, Engler enters his stories as one of the characters.
"I haven't really counted it out, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it's not like one in five stories," he said. "Some of my stories are based on people I've talked to, so they're autobiographical in that sense. But some of them are more so.

"I'd say there's a pretty strong element of me in Bird," he added, referring to one of his favorite characters. "Bird gets to do things I might like to do myself."

By all indications, Engler's well-spring of stories won't run dry anytime soon. At one point, he said, he once sat down to write down the ideas that were circulating in his head-and came up with a list of 100 in less than half an hour.

"I think I'm just natural that way," he said of his productivity. "On some days, the words are almost like dancers. They're there and they need to come out and need to flow. Posted by Picasa

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Discover Earthy Praire Heartland Tales
at Leavenworth Kansas ... Book Barn

BookKansasNews archives
Jerry Engler sold and signed 101 copies
of his new book Just Folks ...

Hillsboro Free Press
Jerry Engler studies the Press proofs last week
of his first book - Just Folks - along with daughter
Sheri Schmidt, who illustrated the collection of 65 ...
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[PDF] NeCessary KnowLedge
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Author, Jerry Engler, who. has written the book.
"Just Folks, Earthy Tales. of the Prairie Heartland."
Interest in access to. Heritage Quest (HQ) ... - Similar pages
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Sustainable Wellbeing :: Cultivating Mindscapes & Conserving Landscapes

"We shall never achieve harmony with land,
any more than we shall achieve absolute justice
or liberty for people.

In these higher aspirations
the important thing is not to achieve,
but to strive." - Aldo Leopold
(Born in SE-Iowa: 11-Jan-1887) Posted by Picasa

Aldo Leopold:
Father of Wildlife Management, 1887-1948
Aldo Leopold was born in Burlington, Iowa ...
He was the son of a prominent manufacturer of finest-quality walnut desks ...
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TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD27 ElevFeet
BURLINGTON,40.80750,-91.11278,614,BURLINGTON IA 52601

About Aldo Leopold
Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) is considered the father of wildlife ecology
... prairies, and river backwaters of a then relatively wild Iowa. ... - Cached - Similar pages

His philosophy shifted to a more ecological approach in the late 1930's.

He wrote about nature and people and that living with the land required
a new or complete understanding of the interrelationships

among all creatures.

Northern Region - Centennial
Rand Aldo Leopold was born on January 11, 1887, in Burlington, Iowa.
Aldo - he never used his first name - was the oldest of four children. ...
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Monday, November 28, 2005


Know Your Flint Hills ... Biogeography

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Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Explore our multimedia bird guide and delve into a wealth of information about feeding, attracting, and watching birds. chp_PFWfeature · Project FeederWatch ...

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
(National Park Service)
Basic information about the 11000 acre
tract set aside by Congress in 1996.
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Kansas County Checklist Project
This is a project being undertaken by Chuck Otte to gather
as many resources as possible, ie, KBBAT (Kansas Breeding ...
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Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article includes text that is a
public domain work of the United States ...

In an effort to demonstrate how a travel and tourism strategy could be deployed at Interstate Rest Areas, the interpretative services team worked on an early implementation project with the Office of Tourism and other state agency partners ...

The purpose wast to create a series interpretive panels and an accompanying brochure about Flint Hills' nature, history and culture (available for download).

Thematically unified by a core message:
"Great Plains' Imagination and Experience"
these panels interpret such storylines as ...
Nomadic Peoples; Herds, Flocks, Caravans;
Promised Land; Sun, Wind, Rain, Fire;
World Above, World Below; Cowboy Country;
and Prairie Flowering.


USFWS Flint Hills Flyways ...
National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)

TOPO! GPS Data Format
Deg NAD27 ElevFeet


Kansas Flint Hills

In fall 2004, the Kansas Department of Commerce,
Travel and Tourism Division
contracted with FERMATA Inc.,
to provide a strategic assessment ... - Cached - Similar pages

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Action 5: To this end Fermata recommends the development of a Kansas Flint Hills gateway facility along I-70 and (perhaps) I-35. ... KDOCHdocs/TT/2005-TT_Presentation-2.ppt - Similar pages Posted by Picasa

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HICSS Future Thought Leadership:
ACM Snowfall Persistent Conversations

Sustainable Communities of Practice
... About Tom Erickson:

I'm an interaction designer and researcher
in the Social Computing Group
at IBM's Watson Labs in New York to which I telecommute from my home in Minneapolis.

I've been at IBM since June '97; before that I spent nine years in Apple's research group, and before that five years in a now-defunct startup called Software Products International.

My research focuses on designing systems that enable groups of people to interact coherently and productively over networks.

More generally, I am interested in topics such as genre theory, pattern languages, urban design, real and virtual communities, everyday routines
and rituals, ethnography, geography and the sense of place,
and the sociology of human-human interaction, all of which inform my approach to systems design. Posted by Picasa


ALL-WinWin ... Eco-Futures Forum:
Biosphere Monitoring ... Forecasting

Posted by Picasa Kansas "Biosphere Monitoring" Remote Sensing ... EcoTrekUSA-i4CQuest ...

As apprentice Eco-Futurists,
our MISSION is to stimulate new
Communities of Practice (CoP)
that visualize SUSTAINABLE alternative futures!

Palmeirim, J. 1987.
Automatic mapping
of avian species habitat
using satellite imagery. Oikos.
Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 59- 68.

A GIS (Geographical Information System) was developed to test automated methods to produce maps of avian distribution and habitat suitability for several species in a mixed habitat area of Northeastern Kansas.

The Multispectral Scanner (MSS) from Landsat 4, and Thematic Mapper (TM) from Landsat 5 were used to capture digital images. This study used blue, green, red, reflected infrared, and thermal infrared images.

Landcover classifications were generated by TM imagery, and not only included 7 habitat types (mesic forest, xeric forest, rangeland, old field, bare ground, water, cropland), but also included spatial characteristics (i.e. minimal patch size, distance to edge).

Birds were censused in 1984 and 1985 in a variety of habitats by the circular point method, and the proportion of habitats in which they were observed was recorded. Map accuracy was high (96 - 98%) for all habitats except the rangeland (93%) and old field (75%) habitats (Which are hard to define; How old must it be to be old?)

There was usually a gradient between the rangeland and old field habitats.

Using the habitat data and the bird census data, the probability of encountering each species in different habitats was mapped. The spatial differences within the habitats were also mapped (Red-eyed vireos prefer mesic forest that is not near the edge, while White-breasted nuthatch prefers all forests).

Maps that represented species density were also produced, and rough population estimates were made. It was concluded that avian distribution maps can be produced by satellite imagery and GIS if habitat characteristics that are critical to the species can be detected by the imagery.

Great Plains Biogeography ... i4CQuest ::

Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones (WIZ) "Eco-Challenge" ...

What applied "Earth Science" disciplines now support
ETHICAL Environmental-Economics decision-making?

Protecting natural resources
interdisciplinary biosphere monitoring and research ...

[PDF] Comparisons of Land Cover
and LAI Estimates Derived from ETM+ ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

Kansas and was The focus of The FIFE study in The 1980s (Sellers et al. 1992).
... for Land Cover and LAI, Our remote sensing methods were empirical;

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Sunday, November 27, 2005


European Commission
eLearning-program Benchmarks

Vaxjo Katedralskola plus a few students
from the schools of Kungsmad and Teknikum at Vaxjo
participate 2005/06 in a common pedagogic project together
with the Lycée SAINT-EXUPERY, Blagnac, Toulouse, in the South of France.

The project is organized within the frames of 'eTwinning'
which has been set up by the European Commission eLearning-program
to support collaborative projects between at least two schools from at least two different European countries. Posted by Picasa

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Preview Four Seasons :: Ready-made kit ...

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