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EcoTrekUSA MegaFlood Mystery

NOVA Archive Earth PBS
.. Mystery of the Megaflood What unleashed a catastrophicflood that scarred thousands of square miles in the American Northwest? ... http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/archive/int_eart.html
[ More results from www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/archive ]

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TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet Local-Time
EUGENE,44.05207,-123.08675,419,08/18/2003,16:40:39,EUGENE OR
SALEM,44.94290,-123.03510,154,08/17/2003,16:36:42,SALEM OR
PORTLAND,45.52345,-122.67621,50,08/17/2003,16:07:09,PORTLAND OR
FORTDALLES,45.59956,-121.18534,130,08/17/2003,16:23:44,FORT DALLES OR
MCNARY,45.91930,-119.28919,480,08/17/2003,16:28:36,MCNARY OR
KENNEPORT,46.21292,-119.10112,347,08/18/2003,17:35:10,PORT OF KENNEWICK WA
RICHLAND,46.28569,-119.28446,359,08/17/2003,16:17:46,RICHLAND WA
BENTONCTY,46.26318,-119.48781,494,08/18/2003,17:35:40,BENTON CITY WA
PROSSER,46.20679,-119.76893,665,08/18/2003,17:37:55,PROSSER WA
SUNNYSIDE,46.32374,-120.00866,770,08/18/2003,17:30:23,SUNNYSIDE WA
YAKIMA,46.60207,-120.50589,1066,08/18/2003,17:30:35,YAKIMA WA
ELLENSBURG,46.99651,-120.54785,1540,08/17/2003,16:43:39,ELLENSBURG WA
VANTAGE,46.94541,-119.98728,632,08/18/2003,17:13:52,VANTAGE WA
GEORGE,47.07902,-119.85588,222,08/18/2003,17:15:16,GEORGE WA
QUINCY,47.23429,-119.85255,1295,08/18/2003,17:16:36,QUINCY WA
EPHRATA,47.31764,-119.55365,1250,08/17/2003,16:30:14,EPHRATA WA
QUINCY,47.23429,-119.85255,1295,08/18/2003,17:16:36,QUINCY WA
WENATCHEE,47.42346,-120.31035,780,08/17/2003,18:32:03,WENATCHEE WA
ORONDO,47.62596,-120.22535,760,08/17/2003,17:27:10,ORONDO WA
LKCHELAN,47.83430,-120.01256,1814,08/17/2003,16:54:51,LAKE CHELAN WA
CHIEFJOSP,48.07069,-119.68450,795,08/17/2003,17:30:03,CHIEF JOSEPH STPARK WA
OMAK,48.41099,-119.52756,837,08/18/2003,17:45:50,OMAK WA
OROVILLE,48.93906,-119.43562,930,08/17/2003,16:44:57,OROVILLE WA
PENTICTON,49.47363,-119.62630,NA,08/18/2003,18:42:25,PENTICTON BC CANADA
OMAK,48.41099,-119.52756,837,08/18/2003,17:45:50,OMAK WA
NESPELEM,48.16710,-118.97474,1820,08/18/2003,17:48:06,NESPELEM WA
COULEEDAM,47.96544,-118.97613,1145,08/17/2003,16:25:33,COULEE DAM WA
WILBUR,47.75877,-118.70556,2163,08/17/2003,17:35:19,WILBUR WA
COULEEDAM,47.96544,-118.97613,1145,08/17/2003,16:25:33,COULEE DAM WA
SUNLAKESP,47.59459,-119.36531,1307,08/17/2003,17:58:28,SUN LAKES STPARK WA
ORONDO,47.62596,-120.22535,760,08/17/2003,17:27:10,ORONDO WA
DRYFALLLK,47.59987,-119.36781,1207,08/17/2003,17:25:06,DRY FALLS LAKE WA
SOAPLAKE,47.40487,-119.49865,1074,08/17/2003,17:39:02,SOAP LAKE WA
EPHRATA,47.31764,-119.55365,1250,08/17/2003,16:30:14,EPHRATA WA
MOSESLAKSP,47.10431,-119.32975,1061,08/17/2003,17:32:57,MOSES LAKE STPARK WA
EPHRATA,47.31764,-119.55365,1250,08/17/2003,16:30:14,EPHRATA WA
SOAPLAKE,47.40487,-119.49865,1074,08/17/2003,17:39:02,SOAP LAKE WA
WILSONCRK,47.42320,-119.12085,1275,08/17/2003,17:18:19,WILSON CREEK WA
ODESSA,47.33320,-118.69082,1544,08/18/2003,17:01:39,ODESSA WA
WILBUR,47.75877,-118.70556,2163,08/17/2003,17:35:19,WILBUR WA
DAVENPORT,47.65406,-118.14997,2369,08/17/2003,17:37:08,DAVENPORT WA
SPOKANE,47.65878,-117.42604,2000,08/17/2003,17:01:31,SPOKANE WA
LKNEWPORT,48.23323,-117.15383,2060,08/17/2003,16:32:20,LAKE NWPRT STPARK WA
SPOKANE,47.65878,-117.42604,2000,08/17/2003,17:01:31,SPOKANE WA
PULLMAN,46.73128,-117.17962,2400,08/18/2003,17:42:39,PULLMAN WA
CLARKSTON,46.41626,-117.04517,820,08/18/2003,17:05:44,CLARKSTON WA
LEWISTON,46.41655,-117.01766,755,08/18/2003,17:04:49,LEWISTON ID
OROFINO,46.47934,-116.25515,1020,08/18/2003,17:07:50,OROFINO ID

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


"Kids Who Care" 2007 Kansas Kohl's

A performing arts organization created to encourage and empower kids of all ages to discover and fully develop their potential.

Kids Who Care Club
Pancreatitis information
for kids and parents. A non-profit organization dedicated to providing education & support groups

Character Education
The web sites listed below were gathered to help support Utah's Character Education Program. - Cached - Similar pages

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KUCE-OLLI StoryTech Protocol

2007" MagicKnothole "StoryTechProtocol
[KUCE-OLLI ] RJBurkhart - 03/18/2007 (Rev: 2013-Jan-15am)

1730 to 1829 F1RST American: Comm Unity of Practice (CoP)
Encroachment: Spanish Explorer Expeditions
Entitlement: Fur Traders & Mountain Men
Enforcement: Frontier Military Road

1830 to 1929 Kaw River Roots: "Waters to the Sea"
Dislocation: Indian Territory Treaties
Cultural Divides: American Civil War
Conflict & Conquest: F1RST World War

1930 to 2029 World Future Society: Eco-Futures Forum
Backcasting: Re*Framing IF-Only Mindsets
Forecasting: Re*Visioning What-IF Mindshifts
ALL-WinWin : Five Regions of the Future ...

Eco-History Trails-n-Tales : Persona & Perspectives

Gov & Mrs. Water Roscoe Stubbs ( 1909-1913 )
PSA: Public Service Attitudes ...
"The world of strife shut out.
The world of love shut in."

Digital Jaywalker - SEPT

:: Freedom's Frontier Writer's Journals

S: Social
E: Economic
P: Political
T: Technology
[1] Buffalo Trails (1740-1871)
[2] Traveling in a Sacred Manner: The Pawnee Trail
[3] Fabled Journeys and Furs: Spanish and French Exploration in Kansas
[4] Solving the Mystery of the West: Early Explorers (1748-1846)
[5] Making the Eagle Scream: John Charles Fremont
[6] River Highway to the Interior
[7] Santa Fe Trial and Trade (1821-1872)
[8] Ranches Along the Santa Fe Trail
[9] George Catlin's Journey into a New World
[10] Go West: On the Overland Trail (1840-1860)
[11] Hard travelling: Families on the Overland Journey
[12] Gold Seekers Cross Kansas
[13] Trail to the Top (1858)
[14] Emigrant Trails into Kansas (1854-1862)
[15] The Kaw: A River Highway (KVHA River Roots)
[16] Wagons West: Overland Freight and Stagecoach Lines
[17] The Pony Comes Through: Short-Lived Pony Express Saga
[18] Freedom's Route: Underground Railroad in Kansas (1830-1861)
[19] From Trail to Rail: Steel Serpent Comes to Kansas (Land Grants)
[20] Railroads and Rainfall: Promoting ... Paradise on the Plains
[21] The Camera Tells the Truth: Early Western Photographers
[22] The Chisholm Trail (1867-1877)
[23] The Cowboys Daily Routine on the Chisholm Trail
[24] Good Roads, Good Business
[25] Turnpike, Traffic and Tourists (KVHA Pathfinder Passports)
[26] Learning from Kansas ... ( Kanza: Comm Unity of Practice)

On Kansas Trails Bibliography (1986-1990)
http://www.continuinged.ku.edu/lifelonglearning/forums/ # (InOp)

Upper Wakarusa Watershed: Community of Practice (CoP) ...

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Great Plains Bison Roaming Rangeland

Symphony in the Flint Hills - 2007
... to join us in Wabaunsee County on Saturday, June 16 to enjoy the Kansas City Symphony performing for Second Annual Symphony in the Flint Hills 2007. ...www.symphonyintheflinthills.org/

Page Content Matches: 10
Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF) ...Page name match:
Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF)...

ACCTTS-LLC ... Moved to NW-Johnson County (Monticello Township
aka Prairie Passage in Kansas)...

Campus Futures ...After my KACEE-enabled Prairie Passage 2004
"Eco-Futurist" audition in ...

Eco-Futures Forum ...**Return to:** [Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF)] ...
ElderTreks ...!!
HyperPort ...!!!

Kan-Ed ...!!! **Return to** [ACCTTS-LLC]: [Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF)] ...
Kaw Valley Heritage Trails ...**Return to:** [Prairie Passage Eco-Futures Forum (EFF)] ...

Modern Social Change Theories ...!!! Prairie passages === ...
Pathfinder ...So, which prairie passage Pathfinders influenced

Bison returned to Colorado homeland

Kansas City infoZine News - Kansas Department of Commerce ... Grant funding will again assist the 2007 Symphony in the Flint Hills ...

Bison returned to Colorado homeland


Wild bison bulls inspect the range shortly after being returned to the Colorado prairie from Montana ...

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