Saturday, December 31, 2005


"Eco-History Trails & Tales" thinkLets(cc)

Expereince Kaw Valley's
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"Eco-History Trails & Tales" mapXchange(cc)

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Re*Cycling Pacific Recovery Forces
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"lessons learned" ...

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Monday, December 26, 2005


River Orienteering / Community Stewardship (RO/CS) ... "Eco-History Trails & Tales" ...

Something to Think About:
"Our planet is invested with two great oceans; one visible, the other invisible; one underfoot, the other overhead; one entirely envelopes it, the other covers about two thirds of its surface."

Matthew F. Maury
(Godfather of Oceanography)
From ... The Physical Geography of the Seas and Its Meteorology, 1855 ...

Matthew Fontaine Maury
7 Jan 2005 by W. R. King

Maury—Matthew Fontaine Maury—was born in 1806 in Fairfax just north of Richmond, ... in this one-time capitol, Maury was the “pathfinder of the seas,” not only a competent navy man but a hero of Commerce and the creator of Oceanography. ...

In the Physical Geometry of the Sea, which in ’55 outsold it seems even Shakespeare, (Maury) that it was Psalm 8:8, “the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, whatever passes along the paths of the seas,” that provided the spark to his intellectual fire, for at that time he realized that God, though seated in heaven, had left His mark elsewhere, too.

oceanology - wikipedia article about oceanology.
biological oceanography or marine biology marine biology is the study of animal...
Maury (January 14 1806 – February 1 1873), nicknamed "Pathfinder of the seas" ...

List of environment topics - SFA Software Knowledgebase...
(Pacific manta) (devil ray) (devilfish) (manta); mantle (geology) ...
geology: See) oceanography; (marine life: See) marine biology; ...

List of environment topics
my Dictionary with pronunciation, wikipedia etc ...
(marine farming: See) aquaculture;(marine geology: See)
oceanography; (marine life: See) marine biology ... history/List-of-environment-topics.wikipedia Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Meet Your Kansas - Lower Republican
Sub-Watershed (HUC-8) Stream Teams

Kansas StreamLink is a non-profit volunteer water quality monitoring project for schools in the Kansas (Kaw) River Valley now offers the StreamLink SHOP focused on creating and sharing outdoor watershed studies and explorations.

We offer the award winning book
"Exploring the Kaw Valley" by Lynn Byczynski

To visit your subwatershed, just click on this StreamLink Map
or choose from the choices listed below.









Big Blue

Lower Little Blue (10270207)

Middle Republican

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