Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What NOW? Healthy US ... Happy Earth

Our US National Park Service Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) Master Plan Team liaison is a state trained and certified Kansas Environmental Leadership Program (KELP) watershed marshal.

Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance (KVHA) champions public health risk management practices supporting effective Kaw and Wakarusa Valley water quality assurance programs.

State-wide KELP virtual team tactics empower these ALL-WinWin attributes:

[1] EarthSea Keeping Attitudes
[2] Sustainable Land-Use Aptitudes
[3] Pragmatic Problem-Solving Ability
[4] Management by Results Accountability

Wakarusa Watershed Restoration and Protection Kaw Valley ...
The Upper Wakarusa WRAPS* is several things. On paper, it is a plan for prolonging the usability of Clinton Lake for water supply. ... kawvalleyheritagealliance.org/wraps/

As a FFNHA Partner, KVHA intends to reinvest our social capital (knowledge, skills and abilities) to advocate FIFTH Freedom sustainable well-being (LIFE. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness).
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