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Sedgwick County Kansas
Water Center & Zoo ElderTreks

Take a tour of the WATER Center!
Learn about the history of the Gilbert-Mosley groundwater rememdition project,
reuse of the treated water, native Kansas fish, aquatic wildlife, pollution prevention and much more.

Also experience Senior Wednesdays
monthly at the Sedgwick County Zoo! Posted by Picasa


"Where the Sky Began"
ISBN: 0-395-25718-2

by Earl C. Joseph, Sr. ::
Walden University Professor
A publication of the Minnesota Futurists

Backward planning is a planning method that starts with a future end point to be reached and works backward to find out how to get to it. Backward planning is especially useful in planning for a future that needs to be reached by a specific scheduled time frame or date.

In backward planning, once you decide when you want a certain future to become a reality (for example a scheduled meeting), a list is made of all the tasks that must be accomplished along the pathway to the desired future.

Include such things, for example, as getting the people needed involved, accommodations, resources needed, publicity, design, production, and all other required tasks. Using a calendar, start with the date you want to achieve the future being planned, then work backward with each successive task until you finish the plan with the first task to be accomplished.

By planning backward before you start forward actions, one gets a workable schedule and runs into less chance that a particular task component will be overlooked. Thus, through a careful backward pre-planning process, one is more likely to arrive at the desired futurePosted by Picasa

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Even a Stone Buddha Can Talk (5o17am)

The Wit and Wisdom of Japanese Proverbs
Poetry and Proverbs compiled and translated by David Galef
Tuttle (Paperback, $12.95, ISBN: 0804821275)
Publication date: April 2000

Ideal for both the casual and serious student of Japanese culture,
Even a Stone Buddha Can Talk is the long-awaited
sequel to the top-selling first volume, Even Monkeys Fall From Trees.

With one hundred pithy new translations of insightful Japanese proverbs,
each accompanied by a humorous illustration, this irresistible collection is both instructional and fun-a perfect taste of Eastern philosophy for the Western palate.

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Twin Cities Takeuma 2002 Fireworks
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Twin Cities Takeuma 2002 Fireworks.
Performed by "B.Malia Burkhart
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Twin Cities Takeuma 2002 Rice Park Performing Artists
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NW-JoCo Stormwater Management Views
11-Apr-2005 Storm Event AIMS-Grid D22

City of Shawnee Kansas Urban-Wetlands ::
Hall of Shame Nomination for "Shaft & Blade Award"
at Willow-Ridge_Plat-2S_W-72nd-St_Southward-View
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APWA Urban Wetlands Stormwater "City of Shawnee" Kansas

American Public Works Association - News to Use
Douglas W. Wesselschmidt, City Engineer,
City of Shawnee, Kansas ... APWA EndorsesNational Engineers Week ·
Stormwater Phase II Rules Issued index.asp?HotID=782&MODE=ALL&HotLocator= - Cached - Similar pages

the stormwater drainage system required for This Development will be
... in 1990,a drainage study was prepared by a Kansas-licensed engineer ... 86444ad367ab6d22862569440059f302?OpenDocument - Cached


Exploring the Kaw Valley ...
Prairie Passages in Kansas

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SHOP StreamLink Books:

Exploring the Kaw Valley by Lynn Byczynski
... All proceeds go to furtherStreamLink's
outreach programs and improve YOUR watershed. ...
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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving around a new place
with a native who knows it well and loves it, you already know the kind of guidebook we have attempted to present here.

We want you to be able to take this book on day trips and feel as though you have a tour guide sitting beside you, pointing out sites where events big and small have occurred, regaling you with stories, and explaining the unfamiliar features of the landscape.

We hope that you will deepen your understanding of the land and its inhabitants.

Mostly, we hope that you will learn to see the Kansas River Valley with new eyes,
to appreciate its beauty and heritage, and to cherish this place we call home.

Click here to read the rest of the Introduction (3pp)

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Even Eagles Need a Push (5o16pm)

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Actionable Distilled Insights (ADI) from KELP Class 6-2005 social capital conservancy & peer mentoring during activity-based learning Triple-A "ElderTreks" ...

A Positive Attitude is Everything. Become more positive & powerful with this Free new system.


Monticello Ferry Company Kaw Valley Heritage (5o15pm)

The Tiblow Ferry, first established about 1835 by Tiblow, a Delaware Indian, was located at the site of the present day Bonner Springs.

In 1863 it was chartered by the Monticello Ferry Company, the incorporators being Stephen S. Start, (recorded in some history books as Stuart, which is incorrect), Jacob Trembly, Samuel Garrett, Uriah Garrett of Monitcello. Capital stock of the company was $5,000 divided into shares.

The ferry was operated for many years by Henry Tiblow, son of the above mentioned Tiblow, and has always been referred to as the Tiblow Ferry.
It was located on the early trail between Leavenworth and Paola.

After crossing to the south side of the Kaw River the trail proceeded south easterly toward Monticello, passing through present Greenview Ridge subdivision, and passed a spring and overnight camp site
on the old Garrett farm near 47 th and K7.

From there the trail passed through what is now the Woodsonia subdivision and on through Monticello and Olathe , where it connected with the Santa Fe Trail . At Monticello it connected with the Westport to Lawrence Road taking many travelers and their covered wagons to Oregon.

In 1869 Thomas Dunfree and W.B. White were issued a license to operate a ferry at Tiblow Station. In November 1870 the town of Tiblow was platted and a few years later with arrival of the railroad the name was changed to Bonner Springs.

Note: The "Rimrock Trail" (Red Arrow) is under the stewardship of the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation and sustained by the Heart of America Council Boy Scouts of America (HOAC-BSA) ... Posted by Picasa

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