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Experience Dragonfly County Eco-History / Tribal College Forum VII... Climate Change Working Group (AIANCCWG) joint conference August 12-14, 2008. ... @ Posted by Picasa

This persistent conversation hatched during mid-1968
while I was on a military leave of absence from General Mills!
Please preview "lessons learned" recycling blurb:
By adapting CincPacFlt's Naval Control & Protection of Shipping (NCAPS) "ship tracking" simulations (with FOCCPAC-Kunia's CDC-1604/160A Automated Control Environment) to support NASA Apollo Command Capsule Recovery Task Force 130 operations,
our innovative "virtual team tactics" enabled today's DoD
Disaster Recovery and Humanitarian Assistance (DR/HA) global mission.
Honeywell Corporate Information Management (CIM) championed "ALL-WinWin" ATTITUDES that also empowered family-based APTITUDES to adapt home-computing APPLICATIONS that engaged both daughters in socially-responsible
GLOBAL outreach initiatives ...
[A] What knowledge, skills and abilities can we SHARE
to help compress "collaborative leadership learning" cycles?
[B] Will we enforce the "General Prudential Rule" with our elected representatives?
[C] Which "Legacies of HOPE" are we co-creating with our future generations?
[D] When are we going to consistently exercise TOLERANCE in global affairs?

USNR-Ret. (KU Sigma Nu ... Social Responsibility Pathfinders)
via ...
Prairie Passage "Eco-Futurist" / geoWIZard / "EarthSea-Keeper"

Note: Dr. Irma Wyman helped Honeywell employees to fund
home-based (Apple) micro-computers during mid-1980's ...
i4CQuest: What were the unexpected "social capital" impacts
of her future thought leadership & community stewardship?
Author(s): Davenport, Thomas H.
Publication Date: 05/01/1989
Product Type:
Harvard Business Review Article

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Mormon Battalion Trek 2008 (LVCO) <-(GPSurvey Traceroute)

11-Aug-2008 Campsite ... Google Maps View: Posted by Picasa

Tribal College Forum VII-draft agenda
-Dan Wildcat, AIANCCWG. 10:00AM Tribal College Leadership Perspectives On Climate Change ... -NASA SRE Students. 4:30PM Wrap Up and Closing Ceremony - Cached

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