Friday, July 22, 2005


Port of Shawnee JoCoParks Orthoview (5722am)

via MapCard:MyTopo

TOPO! GPS Data Format Deg NAD83 ElevFeet
JOCOSMPRMP,38.98647,-94.79982,874,JOCOPARKS BOAT RAMP :: ELEV 874 FT
EcoTrekUSA-i4C mapXchange


EcoTrekUSA-i4C mapXchange


EcoTrekUSA-i4C mapXchange

Monday, July 18, 2005


CTB Best Process & Practices
for Kan-ed "Hometown Heroes" (5718am)

A parallel "Pathfinder Passport" portal
for public-private sector partnerships:

My Vision/My Mission:
Exercise Triple-A Plays ... Attitude + Aptitude + Ability

Where RO = River Orienteering & CS = Community Stewardship:
Celebrate-2008 "RO/CS" Institute for Future Thought Leadership (cc)

... Circa 1939-68 ... ... LNT = Leave-NO-Trace

Think Globally / Interact Regionally / Learn (LNT) Locally
Embracing "Bioneer adVenturing"
Eco-Challenge courses via UNEP Earth Council + + +


Experience Best Processes and Practices
that Promote Community Change and Improvement:

By Topic Area
... from the KU-CTP "Community Toolbox" ...

Best processes are modifiable factors or activities that show proven ways
to help increase the likelihood of making a SUSTAINABLE community impact.

Here you will find 12 processes that promote change according to a simple framework for community change and improvement. A complementary resource of Toolkits provides skills-training for core competencies and supporting products that can be adapted to facilitate implementing these processes.

Clicking on any of the Best Processes listed below will provide you with an evident-base for WHY that process matters, case examples that describe how it has been applied,
PLUS how-to tips and tools for putting it into practice, and other information and resources that can help promote its use.

Analyzing Information About the Problem, Goals,
and factors Affecting Them
Establishing Your Group's Vision and Mission

Defining Organizational Structure and Operating Mechanisms
Developing a Framework or Model of Change

Developing and using Strategic and Action Plans
Arranging for Community Mobilizers

Developing Leadership
Implementing Effective Interventions

Assuring Technical Assistance
Documenting Progress and using Feedback

Making Outcomes Matter
Sustaining the Work

Other Best Practices resources, such as The Community Guide
can also help strengthen your efforts as you consider
how to address specific problems and goals in
your communities.

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