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Great Plains Bioneering
via "EcoTrekUSA" (5702pm)

Please preview National Geographic's Smart Traveler
for Destinations Scorecard: National Parks ...

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WISCONSIN ... Score 78
"Bayfield is a delightful gateway community providing authentic Great Lakes atmosphere. Visitation to the Apostle Islands is limited to boats or other small watercraft, keeping them in natural, pristine condition. The aesthetic appeal of the land and water interaction is both dramatic and comforting.

Local heritage and culture, (town of Bayfield, etc.) remains intact and appropriate."
"This IS the future of sustainability in terms of park issues right now."

Note: Triple-A co-sponsors a National "GeoBee" annually
that uses "Selling Destinations" by Marc Mancini. Ph.D.
as its primary study guide (ISBN 1-4018-1982-6) ...

However, it was only publicly available in NE-Kansas
via Inter-Library loans from Texas & Missouri college libraries ...

Enter 2004 National Geographic Bee Champion Andrew Wojtanik
who recently published his learner-led alternative "Afganistan to Zimbabe"
(ISBN 0-7922-7981-6) that provides the perfect companion to the
National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide - Updated Edition ...

Also scan reviews of following:
National Geographic Student Atlas Of The World
(Paperback) by National Geographic Society

National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways :
Second Edition (Paperback) by National Geographic Kids

Then preview our FutureThought Leadership "Bioneering Guidelines"


Recognizing Teachers
as "Hometown Heroes" (5702pm)

This program will work best at schools with good students to help drive the process, enthusiastic teachers to participate in the process and supportive administrators to help guide the process.

For more information on the program go to Create A Teacher Card
or Contact Us.

Honors teachers the way our culture honors sports figures:

Platform to allow teachers to share interesting things about themselves. The card has space to let teachers communicate some of their favorite things - e.g. favorite book or movie. They can also tell a colorful story from their past or they can even share the BIG reason they teach.

The teacher can select a photo of themselves from a favorite place or doing a favorite thing. A good photo makes the card more effective.

If the students show their parents the card, then the parents may see the teacher as more of a three dimensional person.

Helps teachers to better connect with their students:

To generate excitement about the cards there is a reward on the back - e.g. a coupon for a free ice cream or a special privilege at the school.

When reading the card, the student may find he has the same favorite book or movie as the teacher. Or the student may just see the teacher in a different light.

Connections made through the cards can lead to the student being more interested in the content of the teacher's class, which can create a very positive chain of events.

Students who feel isolated do negative things, the connections made from these cards could make a student feel less isolated.

Getting students interested in teacher cards:

Asking students to market the program to their fellow students is a great way to generate excitement about the cards. This is a good project for a school's marketing club or student government.

Students asking local businesses (see Partners) to help sponsor a program to honor their teachers is a good way of connecting the school and the community. The project will also help students learn how to get a new product to the marketplace and make a profit.

Profits from these cards can be used for a fun school activity. Raising money this way can be more meaningful than other school fundraisers.

Making posters, organizing games and contests around these cards can all be elements of a marketing strategy.

A natural curiosity about their teachers or the reward on the card will also help drive student interest.


Vital Source Digital Jayhawker "FivEZine" (5702pm)

Please preview VitalSource to learn more about this creative & innovative resource
for affordable knowledge sharing & reusable learning objects ...

> Overview
> Partners

About VitalSource
The Company ::

VitalSource was founded in 1994 with a vision for moving resource access into the digital age.

Concentrating on ways the electronic environment can enhance learning - and particularly on how computers can aid in the use of the didactic resources - VitalSource has established successful implementations in schools and universities across America and around the world.

Currently, students and teachers around the globe are receiving their resources through VitalSource software and systems.

Created by educators for educators ...
VitalSource was born out of the recognition by leading educators that while the evolving digital environment has created great opportunities for managing, integrating, and accessing information, it has also created new challenges in security and effectiveness of access.

Working closely with academic institutions, VitalSource has invested years of research and development to create the most advanced educational resource for the most powerful learning tool of the 21st century: the computer.

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