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Kaw Valley Port of Shawnee
OCTA_Trails & Tales "Eco-History"

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CSUN/ History 417
California History & Geography
Part B: Gold Rush to Pre-Progressive California

Organizing Question:
(Outlining an anwer will help you prepare for the essay question)

From the era of American takeover to the 1890s, years of pre-progressive reform, do you find Americans particularly greedy or particularly concerned about justice and the legal adjudication of grievances?

Is the "rule of greed" or the "rule of law" most important?

In other words, do you find more conflict or cooperation among groups brought together in the Gold Rush? Do you find examples of both?

Do you find changes over time?

Using the text, assigned articles in Rooted in Barbarous Soil, and suggested links to answer these questions.

1. In your own words, describe the ways in which people came to California after the Gold Rush. How would you explain it to a fourth grade class?

You can add information here and learn more from the Oregon California Trails Association (

Go to this site and look under
“learning,” then “trail facts.”

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