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Adopt ... sustainable wellbeing ... Mindshifts
to survive "leadership learning" WMD Mindsets

Experience Eco-History
Trails & Tales(cc)


Replenishment Oiler -
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

USS Wichita :: AOR-1;
USS Milwaukee ::AOR-2;
USS Kansas City :: AOR-3 ...

The naming convention for these ships was that they be named
for smaller US cities ... which have rivers of the same name ...

The following accident report damage mirrors the USS HORNET (CVS-12)
collision with USS CIMARRON (AO-22) near Port of San Diego (Sep-1968)


USS RANGER (CV-61) collides with USS WICHITA during refueling.
RANGER's flight deck elevator is damaged, but no injuries are reported.

USS WICHITA (AOR-1) damages its refueling capability.
All port fueling stations are put out of commission,
including the loss of all fuel hoses. Part of WICHITA's
aft superstructure is crushed on the starboard side.


FOCCPAC Kunia (C322) ... ASW NCAPS Exercise (1970)
There were NO lessons learned from prior lessons learned!

Be Aware or BEWARE! ... Prepared minds favor chance ...
Think Globally / Interact Regionally / Learn (LNT) Locally

Where RO = River Orienteering
& CS = Community Stewardship

"RO/CS" Institute for Future Thought Leadership (cc)
( Circa 1939-68 ) ...

[PDF] Maritime Museum Library Booklist

Books in Maritime Museum of San Diego Library (August 2003)
62nd Congress Senate ... Loss Of The Steamship "Titanic" 1975 ...
@ htttp://

Developing Groupware for Requirements Negotiation
16 :: RO Briggs G.-J. de Vreede and JF Nunamaker, Jr.,
"Thinklets: Achieving ...Paul Grünbacher , Barry Boehm,
EasyWinWin: a groupware-supported methodology - Similar pages

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How does our INTERdependent GlobalBrain
cope with LOSS of organizational memory?

EcoTrekUSA-i4CQuest(cc) ...

Here’s a corrected global perspective on character-based community stewardship
redistributed by the Monticello United Methodist Church (MUMC) just across
the K-7 Corridor from our Kaw Valley
Prairie Passages outpost ...
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