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Kaw Valley "Eco-History" Tales ...
Chouteau Fur Trading Outpost

Cher Oncle, Cher Papa:
The Letters of Francois
and Berenice Chouteau

[ISBN 0-9710496-0-2 $24.95 /

Paper cover / photographs and maps]. 19th-century letters tell of fur trading and the future KC Correspondence is part of new ... @
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Life at Chouteau’s trading post was dictated by the water level of the Missouri River and the seasons. From spring to fall, and in a rare break of good winter weather, steamboats brought passengers and eagerly awaited merchandise upriver. On their return, they dropped off furs and picked up passengers heading east.

The stresses of a challenging, changing river, government regulations, and illegal competition for Indian annuities resulted in some good and some not so good years. As spring gave way to summer, fear of malaria arose.

When the fall "harvest" of furs arrived, the post boomed with activity, then settled in for a hard riverfront winter. With spring the cycle began anew.

As the wilderness yielded to settlement, the Chouteau family and business expanded. And Francois and Berenice, taking quill pens in hand, wrote the letters you can now read.

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