Sunday, November 13, 2005


Great Plains Watershed Biogeography
Crisis Management Presponse Model ...

As a Hawaii Infragard Pale Komo Conference Exercise team faciltator during August-2000,

I learned about cultivating a regional Crisis Management PRESPONSE (CMP) protocols supporting BOTH emergency preparedness & environmental protection needs ...

See Poster Session Preview
crafted for the World Conference on Disaster Management(WCDM-2005) held in Toronto, Ontario - Canada

As an invited presenter at a Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-34 :: Jan-2001), I was able to arrange a VIP-Tour of the CINCPAC-funded Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) on Maui that had adapted its resources to enable and support LOCAL initiatives @ Posted by Picasa

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As a recent KELP Class 6:2005 graduate, I learned how to navigate the MAZE of overlapping multi-agency jurisdictions to adapt shipboard (AO-22) damage control team practices that pre-dated our interregional focus on ( FEMA -vs- FMEA ) Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

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FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency (Launched Project IMPACT)

FMEA - Failure Mode Effects Analysis (Six Sigma Process Improvement)
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