Thursday, November 24, 2005


Flint Hills NWR Prairie Passages
Kanza Eco-History "Trails & Tales"

USFWS :: Kansas
Habitat Refuge Planning
Mountain-Prairie Region Comprehensive Conservation Plans Posted by Picasa

What changed between issuing
this DRAFT version & the FINAL version?

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A BIONEER is a pioneer with a land ethic that differs from that of colonialism, that being to increase biodiversity, conserve habitat for wild species, and practice precision agriculture.

There is a regular conference for them to exchange practices, models and terminology - instructional capital - and meet each other - social capital.

It cuts across a fairly wide range of activities, mostly concerned with reclamation of space, for example, replanting the margins of highways with guerilla gardening, permanent street reclaiming, etc.

There is a fair bit of Gaia philosophy, green politics and green economics thrown in, but there is NO one unifying intellectual thread that all bioneers follow.

See also: Water Keeper, Wild Green, terrist

i4CQuest-Keywords: Biodiversity Biogeography Biomimicry Biosphere
School for Environmental Studies (SES)
Eco-Challenge Clues:
USDA EcoSystem "Adopt-A-Habitat"

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