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Charles M. Russell Center Symposia

Charles M. Russell Center Symposia

For the Study of Art of the American West
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On the Cover ::
Sooner Magazine Summer 2003

Bill Thams has a story for each work of art in the collection he and his late wife, Roxanne, so lovingly assembled. Aspens and Snow by Irving K. Manior was a particularly satisfying find.
Photo by Konrad Eek.

“Fresh Tracks: New Perspectives
on the Art of Charles M. Russell”

Charles M. Russell Center
Fourth Biennial Symposium October 28-29, 2005

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Suggested "Eco-History" Readings ::
"Keith Basso" Place-based Education "StoryTelling"

UBC Aboriginal Science - Two very exciting Indigenous education ...
EDST 565F (084) - INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGES AND EDUCATION IN THE AMERICAS ... Indigenous knowledge, as a place based way of knowing, is circumscribed by ...
@ http://www.aboriginal.science.ubc.ca/ mainpages/article.php?story=20041109091553734

Department of Educational Studies Grad Courses
Adult education is a field of practice(s); it happens in community, ... Indigenous knowledge, as a place based way of knowing, is circumscribed by protocols ...
@ http://www.edst.educ.ubc.ca/courses/graduate/2004winter.htm


Association of Alaska School Boards
Introduction to Haida and Tlingit Story Telling ... Option 2 ED 593, Southeast Alaska Native Place-Based Education Academy (2 credits, UAS - professional ...
@ http://www.aasb.org/Frontpage/PBtraining.html

Southeast Alaska Native Place-Based Education Academy - June 27 ...
Place-Based Native Education Resources Instructors: Andy Hope, Dr. Ted Wright, Dr. Ron Dick, Sean Topkok ... Introduction to Haida and Tlingit Story Telling ...
@ http://www.asdn.org/summer_institutes/se_ak_native_nbe/

Alaska ICE
Place-Based Education: Connecting Curriculum to Culture and Community ... -Introduction to Haida and Tlingit Story Telling- ...
@ http://www.alaskaice.org/material.php?matID=275

[PDF] Language and Place in Children’s Worlds
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
absence of such place-based support, eg, homelessness, leads to social and psychological. problems. ... Feld, Steven and Keith Basso. 1996. Senses of Place. ...
@ http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/salsa/salsaproceedings/ salsa10/papers/schieffelin.pdf
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"Keith Basso" ISBN Kiowa "StoryTelling"

Palmer - Telling Stories the Kiowa Way
In Telling Stories the Kiowa Way, Gus Palmer Jr.
has provided readers with a ...

This is Palmer’s denouement,
the presentation of “storytelling as it really ...
@ http://www.aaanet.org/cae/aeq/br/palmer.htm

Native American Art News
... ISBN 0816522782, $17.95. ... Tedlock, Dell Hymes, Richard Bauman, Ruth Finnegan, Keith
Basso, and Albert ... or the ways in which Kiowa storytelling parallels certain ...
@ http://amerindianarts.info/today.html

[PDF] native studies
Native American oral storytelling and accompanied ... Telling Stories the Kiowa
Way. Gus Palmer, Jr. 2003. 145 pages, ISBN 0-8165-2278-2. pb $27.95 CRO ...
@ http://www.ubcpress.ubc.ca/books/ pdf/catalogues/NativeStudies0506.pdf
+ + +
Welcome to the index of articles for 'How To Tell A Great Story'.
@ http://www.howtotellagreatstory.com/articles/indexofarticles.html

You are welcome to consider any of the articles listed below for publication in your newsletter.

Permission is granted to reprint for free with the resource box and byline intact (this information is placed at the bottom of each article).

Please send me a copy of your publication if you choose to include any of my articles.

The email address to write to is
Thank you.
Lakota Wintercounts Bibliography:
@ http://wintercounts.si.edu

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The Corbusier Winter Counts. 4th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology for 1882-83, pp. 127-47. Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1886.

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Picture-Writing of the American Indians.
10th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology for 1888-89, pp. 266-328. Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1893 (Reprinted, 2 vols.: Dover Publications, New York, 1972.)
Department of Eco-History:

Donald J. Pisani

Western American History. email: djpisani@ou.edu · Personal Webpage.

Area of Specialty American West,
US Environmental, Legal
and Agricultural History


-- October 2002 (#21)

... on the Environment" :: Don Pisani, of the History Department, will speak on "the Genesis of Water Plannining in the US. ...

http://lists.ou.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0210& L=undercurrent-l&F=P&S=&P=2132
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read up on environmental issues:

by brengradstudent, graduate student
in environmental science and management
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