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FutureThought Leadership Tips
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>>The Heroes & Stories blog will provide an opportunity for you to share your story--a story hopefully to help create opportunities for Kan-Ed to be the catalyst for REIMAGINING our world. (Please do publish your email address so we can follow-up on your story!)

Reimagining elementary classrooms? This is a great model! (See more at )URGENT!!! My daughter, Summer is NOT in a Tech Rich Classroom--and it KILLS me!!

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Note: Dr. Irma Wyman helped Honeywell employees to fund home-based (Apple)
micro-computers during mid-1980's ...

CCQuest: What were the unexpected "social capital" impacts of her future thought leadership & community stewardship?

Author(s): Davenport, Thomas H.
Publication Date: 05/01/1989

Product Type:
Harvard Business Review Article

Product Description:
In this case study, presented in the form of electronic mail messages sent within Middleton Mutual, the CIO is trying to introduce the company to expert systems.

But the new systems would cost about $1 million, and the capital expenditure committee is leaning against the idea.

Irma Wyman, vice president of corporate information management for Honeywell, Inc.; Thomas L. Pettibone, vice president, information systems, for New York Life Insurance Co.; John D. Loewenberg, senior vice president, corporate information systems, Aetna Life & Casualty; and Diogo Teixeira, systems consultant at McKinsey & Co. discuss the case.

HBS Number: 89302
HBR Case Discussions;
Information systems; Software
Academic Discipline: Management of information systems ...
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Next Wednesday (17-Jun-2009) marks our fourth anniversary of Kan-Ed Network's "Fail-Fast" experiments with empowering Advanced Distributed Learning networks (ADLnets) in Kanza Territory ...
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