Thursday, June 23, 2005


FutureThought Leadership "MentorshipART" (5623am)

KAWS CQuest :: How to design, develop, deliver & distribute
desirable alternative futures having "ALL-WinWin" outcomes?

A: MentorshipART blended visual learning venues (Hyperports) for enabling
multi-disciplinary FutureThought Leadership ( GeoScouting ) experiences

B: Facilitate creative "scenario spinning" that effectively integrate
BOTH our Conserving Landscapes & Cultivating Mindscapes ...

C: Consider adapting "StoryTech" protocols co-designed
by George KUBIK (Acting Chief GeoScout) and ART Harkins
... UMN associate professor (Kansas University Alum)
Interests: Future cultural and educational systems, qualitative futures methods, knowledge base learning, advanced technologies for learning personalization ...


Exploring the Role of Technology in Innovative Development
...Arthur Harkins, the originator of StoryTech, has provided us with
... from a newbook George Kubik and I are completing:
StoryTech: A Personalized Guide to http://chri1010/symposium/019252.html
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Buddhists and Futurists: On the path toward knowledge production
...Harkins, A. & Kubik, G. (2004). An introduction to StoryTech.
University ofMinnesota (UMN): Powerpoint presentation.
Lama, D. (1990). The Dalai Lama, A policy of http://bufu/cat_on_the_path_toward_knowledge_production.html
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StoryTech: A Process for Work Cultures to Envision Future Innovation.
Art Harkins,Co-author of "StoryTech: A Personalized Guide to the 21st Century"
@ - Jun 21, 2005
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