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Dispatches From Kansas by Tom Parker

Essays taken from a weekly newspaper column published in the Washington County News, Washington, Kansas. Look for his book - "Dispatches From Kansas" - available from or from the author.

We pass Eagle's Nest and descend into Red River.

From afar the town looks ridiculously narrow, squeezed between the narrow walls of the canyon.

The main street is lined with ticky-tacky stores geared toward stealing one’s hard-earned money, and this is evident even in the grocery store where the cost of a pack of hot dog buns stuns me. Even the snacks are outrageous. I decide I don’t need anything that bad. It’s a relief to leave, and mentally I shake off its dust from my boots.

If I had to choose between Red River and the howling wastes of Sharon Springs, Kansas, it would be no contest. Sharon Springs might be depressingly desolate but at least it’s authentic.

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