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South China Sea UFO Encounters

About USS Cimarron (AO-22) during her last WestPac Cruise (1967) ...

On a clam Sunday afternoon in transit to Yankee Station from Subic Bay PI, our starboard lookout suddenly reported a dark surface contact ten degrees off the bow. We'd had NO prior South China Sea surface radar contacts!

By the time the OOD-UW reacted to this report, we observed two contacts that merged into one as we watched. Our bridge wing gyro-compass repeater showed no bearing change which meant CIM was on a "collision course" with this UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) . . .

We were already 'in extemis' as CIM's bow plowed into the UFO's last known position. So, we scanned for debis and advised our fantail man overboard watch to do the same.

While our bridge watch team tried to assess these unexpected developments, our duty BMOW (Bosuns Mate on Watch) shouted WHALE HO off the starborad beam!

Then, we all observed a huge whale breach about 40 feet vertically into the air . . . while giving CIM the "angry eye" for disturbing its Sunday siesta.

Our summary: No harm / No foul / No collsion report!

Reflections on unintended consequences of polluted inland waters to the sea!
A Hawaii Whalesong e-Cology Experience
... (Sunday, November 17, 2002)

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>>The Hawaiian archipelago has a long history of continuous and intensive maritime activity, and thus possesses many historic shipwrecks and other types of submerged archaeological sites. These kinds of resources are special windows into past human behavior. <<

Within the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary there are many sites of stone fish ponds and traces of fishing tools and artifacts associated with coastal settlements. There are also at least 146 known losses of ships and aircraft, dating back to 1824. History is captured by these heritage resources beneath the waves.
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