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Wakarusa Watershed Eco-Challenge (6n18am)

Rivers are both byways and barriers.

To understand history, first understand rivers.

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2006 KU GIS Day Session 2: Climate Change and Weather

Johannes Feddema
– KU Dept. of Geography

Incorporating Urban Systems in Global Climate Models: The Role of GIScience

Johannes' primary interest is in understanding the human impact on the Earth's surface, and the consequences of these actions on the environment.

More specifically he wishes to understand anthropogenic impacts on climate, and how climate change affects the environment and society.

Johannes is currently with researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research to implement these ideas into the Community Climate System model.

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2006 KU GIS Day Session 2: Climate Change and Weather

Mike Smith
– WeatherData Services, Inc.

GIS and Meteorology: A Private Sector Perspective

For twenty-five years, WeatherData Services, Inc. of Wichita has a private sector innovator in the field of high impact weather and geohazards. Their work was noticed by AccuWeather and they were acquired by AccuWeather in March of this year.

Mike Smith is the Founder of the WeatherData and its CEO. Mike is a Board Certified Consulting Meteorologist and a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

Mike has also received the AMS Award for Outstanding Contribution to Applied Meteorology and WeatherData has received the AMS Award for Outstanding Service to Meteorology by a Corporation.

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