Thursday, November 17, 2005


Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History
Interview Guide: Selected Bibliography

The Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History
Interviewing Guide by Marjorie Hunt ...

Smithsonian InstitutionCenter
for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

750 9th Street, NW, Suite 4100
Washington, DC 20560-0953
©2003 by the Smithsonian Institution Posted by Picasa

CQuest ... Where are other places
to SEEK credible and diverse
"Native Narratives?"


Note: When visiting Norman, OK, I met several AGSA members
while attending Fall-2005 symposium
about interpreting visual artifacts ...

Related Resources

Broken Leg, Martin and Raymond Bucko, S.J.
Lakota na Dakota Wowapi Oti Kin / Lakota Dakota Information Home Page

Burke, Christina E.
Collecting Lakota Histories: Winter Count Pictographs and Texts in the National Anthropological Archives.
American Indian Art Magazine 26(1): 82-103, 2000.

Burke, Christina E., Linea Sundstrom and Raymond Bucko, S.J.
Lakota Waniyetu Yawapi - Lakota Winter Counts (online exhibit).
Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum, 2004.

DeMallie, Raymond J., ed.
Handbook of North American Indians. Vol. 13, Plains. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2001.
(See especially the articles on the Sioux and on Tribal Traditions and Records.)

Greene, Candace S. and Russell Thornton, eds.
The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Counts at the Smithsonian.
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press (forthcoming).

Leopold, Robert, Joy Elizabeth Rohde, and Becky Malinsky
Camping with the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher (online exhibit).
National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution, 2001.
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