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Tom Peters' Kan-ed Commandments (5623pm)

PPT-Excerpt: Tom Peters' Kan-ed Commandments from 15-Jun-2005 Keynote ...

*Circa 2005: Small is beautiful! (HC?, the Web & NY State)
*Experiment! (“One best way” is a snare & a delusion!)
*Applaud winners
*Build off winners (“a coalition of the willing”),
marginalize the reluctant remnant.
*Appoint a CMO! (Chief Marketing Officer)
*Electronic sharing! (Every form imaginable)
*The Network is the organization!
*LISTEN UP! (Avoid hierarchy)
*Physical sharing! (Like this event)

*Applaud “excellent failures”!
*Scrap duds ASAP!
*Do “O.O.D.A.”
... UNODIR/Unless Otherwise DIRected
(True AO-22 Sea Story Lessons Learned)
*“Let a thousand flowers bloom,
let a hundred schools contend”!
*Become a designated playpen!
*Super-cool “talent”!
(“The 10,000X Factor”)
*Are they “weird enough”?
*Super-cool vendors! (Usually small)
*Avoid premature tech lock-in!
(Uniformity is the arch- enemy of innovation!)
*The children shall show us the way!

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CQuest to clarify context of Tom Peter's citing
O.O.D.A. "Loops"
Re*Visioning "Hoshin Planning" practices (Lessons Learned) ...

See compare & contrast comments @

PDSA—Plan, Do, Study, Act
On page 57 (chapter 3), Peters contrasts planning versus what Deming would call "Plan Do, Study, Act"—what we call in AIS-25,

"PDCA" or "Plan, Do, Check, Act." Each is essentially the same. Peters calls it "DTAF" in contrast to "planning, planning, planning":

Plan a tug, planning, planning: Doing, Testing, Adjusting, Fast

He's talking about prototypes. So is Deming. On page 219, Peters introduces a version of Deming's PDSA:

John Boyd, an Air Force Colonel, said that whoever has the fastest "OODA" Loop wins.

OODA Loop: Observe—Orient—Decide—Act cycle, Confuse and confound the "enemy" by your speed per se. While the Champions of Inertia are busy scheduling the next "planning review," you swiftly get the job done ... and go public with it.

Whether it's called PDSA, DTAF, PDCA, OODA—or GE's DMIAC—the outcome is the same, i.e., plan a test aimed at improvement, carry out the test on a small scale (prototype), study the results, and adopt the change or abandon it—or run through the cycle again.

There's clear concurrence here between Peters and Deming.
This posting influenced Contact | Storytellers For Good via
Reposting USS Cimarron (AO-22) Leadership Learning ColLABoratory (LLCrew) Retrospective on “FIFTH Freedom” Lessons Learned ...

Guiding spirits somehow appear when you're least expecting them such as these 1967 "lessons learned" while enroute to the off-shore Vietnam War ::

My takeaway as a #USNavy Veteran is to honor all humanity's inner voices thanks to a spirit who shared WIZdom from the Korean War trenches serving wounded Marines ... Bravo Zulu Hospital Corpsmen ::

Leadership traits result in empowering and inspiring others when the situation is seasoned with "attitude, aptitude and abilities" plus a dash of #UNODIR (Unless Otherwise Directed) . . .

I got my *most memorable leadership lesson* from a Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMMC) while I was an Ensign in transit via a USAF MAC flight to join USS Cimarron (AO-22) at Subic Bay, PI (in April, 1967)

Over an ice-cold San Miguel beer at off-base quarters near Clarke AFB, this savvy HMMC advised me #RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges) hampers leadership!

His advice for more effective leadership passed
the O-1/KISS Test.[Keep It Simple Stupid] . . .
1 - Always listen to your senior petty officers.
2 - #TRUST your crew to perform their assigned tasks.
3 - Eliminate "hassles" for crew whenever possible!

My operational experience generated these guidelines:
4 - Avoid recycling prior "lessons learned"
5 - Be PREPARED for unexpected contingencies!
6 - Become a Master Chief Hassle Eliminator (HEMC)

WakarUSA Watershed Mentorship Vision 2005:
What are the critical common connections
between sustainable environmental protection
& community-based emergency preparedness
efforts for coping with abnormal situations?

"Leaders don't force people to follow,
they invite them on a journey." ~Charles S. Lauer

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