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StoryTech EcoTrekUSA-i4CQuest
... UMN Harkins Kubik StoryTech

Arthur Harkins -
Department of Educational Policy and Administration

Harkins, A., & Kubik, G. (2002).

Legacy-Based Thinking II: Resisting New Tools
... Harkins, AM & Emmett, JD (1997).
StoryTech: Exploring the use of ...

[PDF] (STORYTECH) Flyer CS.indd
This StoryTech Guidebook presents a dynamic, proven approach
... By Arthur Harkins & George Kubik. Topics Include-.
History: This Guidebook introduces ... symposium/(STORYTECH-RTF)%20Flyer%201.pdf

Buddhists and Futurists:

On the path toward knowledge production

Harkins, A. & Kubik, G. (2004).
An introduction to StoryTech.
University of Minnesota: Powerpoint presentation.
Lama, D. (1990). The Dalai Lama, A policy of ... bufu/cat_on_the_path_toward_knowledge_production

[PDF] The Costs of Legacy-based Thinking:
Retro-preparing for the ...
Arthur Harkins. Educational Policy and Administration. George Kubik.
The Graduate School. University of Minnesota ... mcb/274/2001/00000009/00000004/art00004

Exploring the Role of Technology
in Innovative Development Strategies

Thanks to George Kubik for faciliating the discussion
and transcribing the Group
... Arthur Harkins, the originator of StoryTech, has provided us with ...

March 16, 2005

About StoryTech

StoryTech is a guided story-telling process developed by Arthur Harkins. A derivative of Japanese Shinto, it has been used in private and public sector organizations since 1988.

Used in the context of public communities, StoryTech is a method for allowing a fuller glimpse of what young and old, professional and non-professional people project or envision as desirable personal, community, national and world outcomes.

StoryTech is a transitional process focusing on pathways from the present toward preferred futures. The guided nature of the process asks the StoryTech writer to help create successful "virtual" (seeming or apparent) selves operating in projected futures.

The writer's ultimate outcome is to demonstrate social leadership through helping a defined constituency.

StoryTech will demonstrate how to bring tacit personal knowledge into the foreground of futuring choices. By using this process in a focused manner, participants will develop personally normed alternative futures.

Though their expanding leadership, these futures could one day add to the social capital of identified groups, organizations, and nation states.
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