Saturday, October 22, 2005


"Where the Sky Began"
ISBN: 0-395-25718-2

by Earl C. Joseph, Sr. ::
Walden University Professor
A publication of the Minnesota Futurists

Backward planning is a planning method that starts with a future end point to be reached and works backward to find out how to get to it. Backward planning is especially useful in planning for a future that needs to be reached by a specific scheduled time frame or date.

In backward planning, once you decide when you want a certain future to become a reality (for example a scheduled meeting), a list is made of all the tasks that must be accomplished along the pathway to the desired future.

Include such things, for example, as getting the people needed involved, accommodations, resources needed, publicity, design, production, and all other required tasks. Using a calendar, start with the date you want to achieve the future being planned, then work backward with each successive task until you finish the plan with the first task to be accomplished.

By planning backward before you start forward actions, one gets a workable schedule and runs into less chance that a particular task component will be overlooked. Thus, through a careful backward pre-planning process, one is more likely to arrive at the desired futurePosted by Picasa

Re*Cycling prior "Lessons Learned" with an alternative WHAT-IF scenario spinning!

Ancient mines
Carbon Dating of the Ancient Mines of Lake Superior (Kitchi-Gummi) are much older than would be expected.

Ten such dates run
from 2470 BC to 1050 BC. ...
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