Monday, October 24, 2005


Universal Technologies:
Five Regions of the Future

You may have noticed that certain technologies appeared in more than one region. In fact, some played a significant role in all five regions either implicitly or explicitly.

These are the Universal Technologies.

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If you look at the Five Regions diagram again, you can see that universal technologies must exist because of the overlapping nature of the regions. Some of the technologies overlap between two regions, fewer overlap three regions, even fewer overlap four and five regions.

When there are three or more overlaps, we consider them Universal technologies.

A Universal Technology is the equivalent to the Swiss Army knifeā€”so handy and flexible that almost everyone finds a dominant use for it. But is it also important to understand that the aggregate of the Universal Technologies does equal another TechnEcology.

Universal Techs do not cluster around any particular set of values.

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