Saturday, July 02, 2005


Great Plains Bioneering
via "EcoTrekUSA" (5702pm)

Please preview National Geographic's Smart Traveler
for Destinations Scorecard: National Parks ...

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WISCONSIN ... Score 78
"Bayfield is a delightful gateway community providing authentic Great Lakes atmosphere. Visitation to the Apostle Islands is limited to boats or other small watercraft, keeping them in natural, pristine condition. The aesthetic appeal of the land and water interaction is both dramatic and comforting.

Local heritage and culture, (town of Bayfield, etc.) remains intact and appropriate."
"This IS the future of sustainability in terms of park issues right now."

Note: Triple-A co-sponsors a National "GeoBee" annually
that uses "Selling Destinations" by Marc Mancini. Ph.D.
as its primary study guide (ISBN 1-4018-1982-6) ...

However, it was only publicly available in NE-Kansas
via Inter-Library loans from Texas & Missouri college libraries ...

Enter 2004 National Geographic Bee Champion Andrew Wojtanik
who recently published his learner-led alternative "Afganistan to Zimbabe"
(ISBN 0-7922-7981-6) that provides the perfect companion to the
National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide - Updated Edition ...

Also scan reviews of following:
National Geographic Student Atlas Of The World
(Paperback) by National Geographic Society

National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways :
Second Edition (Paperback) by National Geographic Kids

Then preview our FutureThought Leadership "Bioneering Guidelines"

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