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Access Encarta articles for free (Blog:5408)

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April 08 :: Access Encarta articles for free
So we got Slashdotted today, which is always fun. It's fascinating to read through the comments and see such a diverse range of responses to our humble little article editor.

There was one thing that came up in those comments that I thought I'd make a point about. Lots of people took issue with the fact that some of our articles aren't available for free on the Web.

But did you know that you can read and edit all of our articles
when you search for them through MSN Search?

Yup, both our standard articles and our Premium articles are there.

Aaron [aaronp_ms]

You can simply change the URL and insert the Article ID
to get full access to Encarta.

It's already described in this wikinews article:

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