Tuesday, June 21, 2005


"Kan-Ed 2005 Conference Closing Session"
Thought Leadership Challenge (5618am)

Dr. Marty Hale's wrap-up call to action during the
"Kan-Ed 2005 Closing Session" reflects steps
our MnFuturists adopted after uncovering common
Blogging connections with ESSDACK's visiting guru ...

Humanities Focus Grant Awards, July 2003 ... Association of Central Kansas (ESSDACK), Hutchinson (Outright: $25000) Contact: Glenn Weibe, (620) 663-9566 Project: Brown Then and Now: Impact on Human ... http://www.neh.gov/news/awards/July2003HFG.html

We initially met at the innovative TIES-2003 (Fall)
Inter-regional Conference (while distributing NEW
flyers about learning "anticipatory thinking" skills)
via participating in Minnesota Futurists SIG Tutorials ...

0:: Each Mon-AM ... do something different (NON-routine)
like experiencing "High Touch" vs "High Tech" HUMAN communications ...



2:: "COLLECT-a-Story"

3:: "SHARE-the-Story"

4:: "USE-the-Story" to explore ALL-WinWin alternative futures ...

The University of Oklahoma Biological Station
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment (IPE) -
OU College of Arts and Sciences.
IBOY - International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002 ...
@ http://www.ou.edu/uobs/

5:: SHARE sustainable "Mutually Beneficial Results" (MBR)
via Dr. Art (& Joe) Harkins "StoryTech" practices ...

Quick Resource Type Search
If you were unable to attend the 2005 EE Capacity Building Workshop “Teaching
... Resource type: Web Site - Exhibit/Display: Topics: Wildlife - Wetlands- ...
@ http://www.seek.state.mn.us/sb_type.cfm?type=Web%20Site

(NOT) Attached is a PDF about "Triple Bottom Line"
Toolkit basic principles for our embracing Time-CRITICAL
"Prairie Passages Sustainable WellBeing" practices ...
@ http://www.acctts.com/Hornadaykyw/EPA-Reg7_slideshow.pdf
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